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Stephan Schulz -- Picture Page

On this page I have collected some pictures of me. Yes, I do all of the sports shown, and many reasonably often and sometimes competently.

White-Water Pictures

I've been canoeing since I was 11 years old. Unfortunately, most of my pictures are on paper or slides, and don't scan very well (maybe because I only have a lousy scanner). Some of the newer pictures have been taken by digital photography, though.

The first pictures have been taken in May 2002 while on a tour with my old high school to the river Ardeche in southern France:

White-Water Picture of Stephan Schulz

White-Water Picture of Stephan Schulz

We went again in 2003, and I have some more pictures from that trip:

White-Water Picture of Stephan Schulz

White-Water Picture of Stephan Schulz

Since I felt confident in white-water, I volunteered to go on a two-person guide raft during the CADE-17 excursion, which was a white water rafting trip on the Youghiogheny river. At the first serious rapid, the guide shouted "paddle" (I swear - he claims he shouted "duck into the boat"). Here is the result:

Me in the middle of the rapid -- relaxed

Please observe the exemplary swimming position. Note also that I remembered to breathe, which is considered quite important:

Close-up of me in the rapid

And finally, this picture proves that a) I did hold on to my paddle (very important!) and that b) I'm not from Transylvania:

Impaled by a paddle

Snowboarding Pictures

I took up snowboarding in January 2001. Here you can see my progress. The first picture was taken at the Hintertux Glacier in spring 2001:

Snowboarding in Hintertux

Now see me in spring 2002 on the Stubai Glacier. You can see both a consistency in style as well as the fact that the mountain now is a lot less steep! Moreover, I now have a much much cooler cap and the weather was better!

Snowboarding in Hintertux

Finally, in 2003 in Sölden in Austria I am so fast that the camera cannot fully capture me (and the weather was even better):

Snowboarding in Soelden - fast!

Other pictures

Here is a picture of me taking a break from biking. No, I was not paid by the bottle company. It's hard to see, but this was taken near Lake Garda in northern Italy:

Biking at Lake Garda

And finally, here is a picture showing me at an activity that I'm allegedly quite good at. The lake is again Lake Garda:

Hacking at Lake Garda

Blue Ribbon

Stephan Schulz,, 5.7.2000